Marsden Wheelers Amateur Cycling Club Inc


When: Monday October 29th 2018, 5.30pm for nibbles, meeting start 6pm.

Where: Upstairs ASB Sports House, Kensington.

(Where Sunday rides start- not the main gym)


1. Welcome by Chairman.

2. Apologies.

3. Minutes of previous AGM to be confirmed, and any matters arising.

4. Presentation of President’s report- Lesley Parton.

5. Presentation of Financial report by Club Treasurer-Shiralee Mclean

6. Annual membership fees to be set. $95 for all members.

7. Election of Management Committee members.

We would love new members with time and energy to put into the Club. Please remember that we are all volunteers, the Club belongs to us all and reflects the passion and commitment of those actively participating.

8. Any other matters.

Please email if you have any items.

9. Meeting close.

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